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P2 Results

NEWMOA facilitated regional projects to develop and implement metrics for states to use in tracking their pollution prevention (P2) activities for over 15 years. NEWMOA’s members believed that it was particularly important to work together to develop a consistent way to measure the impacts of P2 efforts to:

  • Communicate the activities and accomplishments of the state and local agencies to policy makers
  • Improve program management
  • Measure progress toward goals
  • Provide program funders with relevant activity and outcome information
  • Influence policy development

To effectively share data, programs need to use a common set of measures and compatible software tools. To support this, NEWMOA:

  • Developed and helped the state agencies to implement the P2 & Assistance Tracker software for managing data on activities and their outcomes
  • Developed and implemented the P2 Data Collection Tools to provide a way for programs to share their tools and learn from each other
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