State Mercury-Added Product Notification Process

E-Filing System for Mercury-Added Product Reporting

If you manufacture, sell, distribute, or import a mercury-added product that you wish to sell in the states of Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina (automobiles only), Rhode Island, and Vermont you must file a Mercury-Added Product Notification Form. This may be done once through IMERC or directly with each individual state. These “Product Notification” requirements are intended to inform consumers, recyclers, policy makers, and others about:

  • Products that contain intentionally-added mercury;
  • The amount of mercury in a specific product; and
  • The total amount of mercury in the specific products that were sold in the US in a given year.

How Can Companies File the Required Notification Forms?

The IMERC notification process is completed by manufacturers through an online e-filing system. Once the submission is submitted to IMERC, it is reviewed by a multi-state group that is appointed by the Commissioners or Directors of the states’ environmental agencies. The submission and approval of the Mercury-added Product Notification Forms through IMERC enables manufacturers, distributors, and their trade representatives to comply with all of the states that have the Notification requirement in their state laws. All aspects of the Notification process, including Form submission, attachment submission, and post submission communications, are handled through the e-filing system.

What Does IMERC Do With the Data Submitted?

Following approval of the submission in the e-filing system, the information from the Forms is entered into the Mercury-Added Products Database. The Database is intended to inform consumers, recyclers, policy makers, and others about:

  • Manufacturers of mercury-added products
  • Products that contain intentionally-added mercury
  • Mercury content in products
  • Total mercury used in in product lines sold in the US every three years starting in calendar year 2001

Mercury-added Product Notification Forms that have not been approved are not included in this database.

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