NEWMOA’s Board of Directors

NEWMOA Board Members with Executive Director, September 2023

Graham Stephens Bureau Chief Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse CT DEEP
Jennifer Perry Bureau Chief Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance CT DEEP
Susanne Miller Director Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management ME DEP
Greg Cooper Director, Business Compliance Division Bureau of Air and Waste MA DEP
Diane Baxter Director Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup MA DEP
Tiffany Skogstrom Director Office of Technical Assistance MA OTA
Michael Wimsatt Director Waste Management Division NH DES
Kathryn Black Supervisor Pollution Prevention Section NH DES
Michael Hastry Director Division of Waste Enforcement, Pesticides, and Release Prevention NJ DEP
Janine MacGregor Director Division of Sustainable Waste Management NJ DEP
John Vana Unit Chief Pollution Prevention Unit NYSDEC
Bill Ottaway Director Training and Technical Support Section NYSDEC
Ron Gagnon Chief Office of Technical and Customer Assistance RI DEM
Leo Hellested Director Office of Waste Management RI DEM
Matt Chapman Director Waste Management and Prevention Division VT DEC