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P2 & Assistance Tracker (P2@) Software

NEWMOA developed a software application called “Pollution Prevention and Assistance Tracker (P2@)” starting around 2012 through 2015. The tool was developed with funding and support from EPA and oversight by NEWMOA’s Assistance and Pollution Prevention Metrics Workgroup. The software contains sections for tracking program activities, including:

  • Working one-on-one with clients (such as on-site visits and research)
  • Producing educational and outreach materials
  • Sponsoring workshop/training events
  • Responding to information requests
  • Managing sector-based initiatives

The application also tracks the outcomes associated with many of these program activities, including environmental, behavioral, and economic outcomes. Because each pollution prevention and assistance program is somewhat different in the scope of its activities and its structure, the software can be customized so the programs can use only those components and the level of detail that suit their needs.

The Pollution Prevention and Assistance Tracker is available for use by state, local, county, university-based, and tribal government entities. To obtain a copy, contact Melissa Lavoie.

Installation instructions are included with the software files.

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