Materials Management Projects

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2007-present • Active

Climate-Materials Action

In 2007, the Environmental Commissioners and Directors from the New England States challenged NEWMOA and the air and water interstates to identify regional activities to address climate change. As a […]

2019-2022 • Inactive

End Food Waste in Onondaga County, NY

NEWMOA partnered with the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) in 2019 to develop a Project to educate residents in Onondaga County, NY (Syracuse and surrounding communities) about problems with […]

2017-2019 • Inactive

Keep Food Out of Landfills

NEWMOA partnered with waste management authorities in rural areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to provide support and training on reducing the disposal of food as waste – specifically […]

2006-present • Active

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Materials

C&D debris associated with construction and demolition of buildings is usually disposed of in landfills. However, available landfill space is becoming increasingly limited in most of the northeast, and most […]

2018-present • Active

Extended Producer Responsibility

In 2013, NEWMOA along with many other organizations adopted a resolution that defined product stewardship as the act of minimizing health, safety, environmental, and social impacts, and maximizing economic benefits […]

1999-present • Active

Municipal Solid Waste Data

NEWMOA undertakes a periodic analysis of the interstate flow of municipal solid waste (MSW) among the northeast states. The purpose of this effort is to improve the quality of the […]

2019-2021 • Inactive

Pharmaceutical Waste

Environmental concerns about pharmaceuticals in the environment are growing as more are discovered in surface waters, groundwater, landfill leachate, and aquatic life. In 2019, NEWMOA initiated a Project in northern […]

2011-present • Active

Soil Reuse

NEWMOA’s Soil Reuse Workgroup facilitates information sharing and discusses programmatic and policy options. In 2015, the Workgroup initiated the Soil Reuse: State Information Resource to provide a central location for […]

2020-2021 • Inactive

Solid Waste Disposal Capacity

Solid waste officials, researchers, advocates, industry members, and consultants have raised concerns about available disposal capacity in the northeast U.S. In 2021, NEWMOA published a first-of-its kind Report to inform […]

2008-2009 • Inactive

Agricultural Plastics Recycling

Disposable plastics are now integral to most farm operations in all sectors of agriculture. Plastics are replacing glass, metal, concrete, and ceramic because they cost less, increase production efficiency, and […]