NEWMOA’s expert staff is available to provide hands-on, direct assistance to support projects and activities for a negotiated fee as summarized below.

Research & Reports

NEWMOA’s staff has expertise in pollution prevention, toxics use reduction, chemical ingredient disclosure, sustainable materials management and zero waste, greening targeted sectors, reuse, recycling, composting, waste site cleanup, brownfields, and other waste management topics. Beginning with information gathering, we are available to conduct analysis that helps clients turn information into actionable results. We can help engage government entities and other stakeholders to evaluate the research approaches and results and to help formulate recommendations and action plans. Examples of research projects and the associated reports include:

  • Chemical Ingredient Transparency in Products
  • White Paper on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging and Paper Products
  • Municipal Solid Waste Interstate Flow

NEWMOA’s staff is available to provide training needed for successful implementation of projects and activities. We can tailor the training to clients’ needs, including one-on-one training, educational toolkits, webinars, workshops, conferences, and other activities that engage participants in learning. The Association’s training actively involves participants in the development of their skills and knowledge. Examples of training programs include:

  • 2022 Brownfield Summit
  • 2022 Science of PFAS Conference
  • Using Recycled Content Materials in Road and Infrastructure Projects
  • Remedy Selection for Success
  • PFAS: Results of Fish Tissue Studies in NY and NJ, Webinar
  • End Food Waste Workshops and Youth Training Programs
Software & Database Support

NEWMOA develops software and other tools to support implementation of pollution prevention, zero waste, toxics use reduction, and waste management projects and activities. Some of these focus on online reporting and searchable database development. Other systems help measure behavioral and environmental outcomes and track programmatic activities. NEWMOA has expertise in software application design, procurement of contractor support, management of contractors, development of documentation and training, upgrades and modifications, and development and delivery of user services. Examples of software and database support include:

  • High Priority Chemicals Data System (HPCDS)
  • IMERC Mercury-added Products Reporting System
  • Chemical Hazard Assessment Database
  • State Chemicals of Concern Database
  • Green Lodging Calculator
Newsletters, Fact Sheets, Brochures, Videos, & Guidance

NEWMOA publishes reports, fact sheets, posters, brochures, video scripts, guidance, and other resources. Our staff has expertise in writing, editing, and publishing a wide variety of documents for technical and non-technical audiences and is available to provide these services on topics related to our interests. Examples of resources include:

  • Reducing Food Waste Fact Sheets, Handouts, and videos
  • Fact Sheet on EPR for Packaging
  • What Can We Do As Consumers About Climate Change?
  • Reducing Your Waste Fact Sheet
  • Recycle Right Fact Sheet
  • Backyard Composting Guide
  • Benefits of Reuse Poster
  • Fair Pricing Strategies for Trash
  • IMERC Alert
  • News@NEWMOA
  • IC2 E-Bulletin
Technical Assistance

NEWMOA staff is available to provide technical assistance in a number of areas, including environmental sustainability for targeted sectors, environmental outcome calculators, reuse and recycling of various wastes, extended producer responsibility, climate and materials, identification and reduction of products that contain mercury and other toxic chemicals, and other topics that are highlighted on our website. Examples of technical assistance include:

  • Green cleaning for janitorial staff and residents
  • Pollution prevention for breweries, wineries, and distilleries
  • Recycling and food waste diversion for schools and hospitals
  • Sustainable hospitality

NEWMOA is available to organize meetings that address our areas of interest and expertise. Our staff has extensive experience planning events, managing registration, preparing handouts, working with speakers, and handling onsite logistics. Examples of meetings include:

  • Meeting of States, Territories, and EPA Region 2 Solid Waste and Sustainable Materials Management Programs
  • Annual Brownfields Meeting
  • EPA and States Pollution Prevention Roundtable Meetings
Public & Private Sector Networks

NEWMOA has built and supports networks of state and local agencies and private sector organizations. NEWMOA staff convenes these networks by holding meetings and supporting networking, organizing training and information sharing activities, supporting workgroups and committees, and supporting their other activities. These groups include agencies and organizations outside of the northeast U.S. Example of the networks include:

  • Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2)
  • Interstate Mercury Education and Reduction Clearinghouse
  • Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse

This page was last updated January 2022.