Waste Site Cleanup Projects

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2010-present • Active

Brownfields Project

NEWMOA’s Brownfields Workgroup facilitates various information sharing and technical meetings related to Brownfields and other state waste site cleanup programs. NEWMOA ‘s annual meetings enable state and EPA program staff to […]

2002-present • Active

Waste Site Cleanup Training

NEWMOA’s Waste Site Cleanup Steering Committee selects priority topics for trainings each year. NEWMOA then organizes technical workshops and webinars on these topics. Generally, each workshop is held in multiple […]

2002-2006 & 2022-Present • Active

Improving Site Investigation

Improving the quality of the site investigations performed and the reports submitted to states is a constant concern. Back in 2005, NEWMOA developed brochures and conducted workshops focused on improving […]

1999-2002 • Inactive

Innovative Technology for Waste Site Cleanup

NEWMOA’s Technology Review Committee (TRC) coordinated state reviews, issued advisory opinions and disseminated information on the use of innovative site characterization technologies from 1999-2002. The purpose of the advisory opinions […]

2011-present • Active

Soil Reuse: State Information Resource

Construction, utility, brownfields, and waste site cleanup projects can generate quantities of excess soil and can contain contaminants at levels that are detectable, but much below those that would qualify […]