State Mercury-Added Labeling Guidelines

The states of Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington prohibit the sale of mercury-added products unless the product and packaging are labeled.

The purpose of labeling mercury-added products is to:

  • Inform consumers at the point of purchase that the product contains mercury and may require special handling at end of life; and
  • Identify the products to the consumer at the point of disposal so that they can be kept out of the trash and recycled. This is the primary purpose of the requirement for a durable label on the product and/or component.

Informing at the point of purchase includes all methods of sale, including but not limited to retail, online, and catalog. The same mercury disclosure information must be provided in all methods of sale in order to fulfill the prior-to-purchase visibility requirement under state labeling laws.

For more information about labeling mercury-added products, including information about alternative labeling requests, contact