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Innovative Technology for Waste Site Cleanup

NEWMOA’s Technology Review Committee (TRC) coordinated state reviews, issued advisory opinions and disseminated information on the use of innovative site characterization technologies from 1999-2002. The purpose of the advisory opinions was to:

  • Raise overall awareness of the subject technology and its application in the northeast
  • Communicate TRC interest in the use of the subject technology to potential users and state project managers
  • Educate consultants and state regulators who oversee projects about the factors that can affect the proper use of the technology

Advisory opinions were issued for the following technologies:

  • Immunoassay (May 1999)
  • X-ray fluorescence(XRF) (September 1999)
  • Gas chromatography (GC) field analysis (November 2000)
  • Diffusion bag samplers (Februrary 2002)
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