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PFAS Conference Planning Committee

Mission: to plan 2024 Science of PFAS Conference

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Meghan Lally

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Mike Penzone

Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Tracy Kelly
Louise Roy

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Mark Smith

Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance
Caredwen Foley
Tiffany Skogstrom

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Mary Butow
Amy Rousseau

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Barbara Firebaugh

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Paul Kulpa
Michele McCaughey

EPA Region 1
Meghan Cassidy

EPA Region 2
Daniel D’Agostino

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Richard Spiese


Roxy Kozyckyj

Boston University School of Public Health
Wendy Heiger-Bernays

Brown University
Kurt Pennell

Complete Environmental Testing (CET)
Jeffrey Smith

Eurofins Environment Testing
Taryn McKnight

Sue Bator

Harvard University
Elsie Sunderland

New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission
Christina Stringer

Northeast Recycling Council
Megan Fontes

Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management
Barbara Morin

Silent Spring Institute
Laurel Schaider

University of Rhode Island
Angela Slitt

Weston Solutions
Lisa Kammer



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NEWMOA Contact
Jennifer Griffith