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Climate Change & Materials

Mission: Joint Workgroup with NERC to support a forum for discussing the climate change impacts of materials and materials management and research developments; holding information-sharing and training events; and assisting state agencies with projects. The Workgroup also facilitates information and training exchanges with the West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum.

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Jeff Howard
Michael Malmrose
Chris Nelson

Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Megan Mansfield-Pryor
Nathan Robbins

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Claudine Ellyin
Brooke Nash

Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance
Tiffany Skogstrom

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Prabhat Mallik
Nathan Putnam
Sally Rowland

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
Anne Bijur
Josh Kelly
Megan O’Toole
Collin Smythe

Northeast Recycling Council (NERC)
Megan Fontes

Environmental Protection Agency
Chris Beling
Dale Carpenter
Wesley Ingwersen

Climate Action Program

NEWMOA Contact
Andy Bray