Continuous Improvement Program

State environmental agencies and EPA are undertaking a wide range of continuous improvement initiatives. These programs often deploy Lean and related approaches to identify and eliminate unnecessary and non-valued added process steps and activities that have built up over time.  

EPA and state environmental agencies have found that these methods enable them to understand how their processes are working and to make adjustments that optimize desired outcomes. By getting routine activities to function more smoothly and consistently, staff time can be freed to focus on higher value activities. Mapping and optimizing processes can also help with training and orienting new staff. 

NEWMOA’s members are using continuous improvement strategies to improve the quality, transparency, and effectiveness of their permitting, enforcement, record-keeping, fee collection, hiring, and other activities. NEWMOA has supported a Continuous Improvement Workgroup since 2011. The group facilitates information and tool sharing and helps members learn from each other’s experience.