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State Mercury-Added Labeling Guidelines

Labeling Products and Packaging

The states of Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington (lamps only) prohibit the sale of mercury-added products unless they have a label indicating that the product contains mercury and information concerning proper disposal. The label must meet certain specified standards (standard labeling) regarding wording, size, location, visibility, and durability unless, the states have approved an alternative labeling to standard labeling that allows the manufacturer to vary from one or more of the specified standards. The purpose of labeling mercury-added products is to:

  • Inform consumers at the point of purchase that the product contains mercury and may require special handling at end of life; and
  • Identify the products at the point of disposal so that they can be kept out of the trash and recycled.

What Products Require Labeling?

The labeling laws apply to any product that contains mercury, a mercury compound, or a component containing mercury if the mercury is intentionally added to the product (or component) for any reason. The types of mercury-added products that are regulated by individual states may vary. Mercury-added pharmaceuticals approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration are exempt from state labeling requirements.

The labeling requirements apply to mercury-added products sold at retail and wholesale outlets, through catalogs, and over the internet.

Who Must Label?

The manufacturer of the mercury-added product presumably is in the best position to label the product. However, importers and distributors may assume this responsibility if they choose. Retailers cannot "knowingly" sell a mercury-added product in CT, LA, MA, ME, MN, NY, RI, VT, and WA unless it is properly labeled, but are not required by law to affix labels to the product. Retailers, importers, and distributors of mercury-added products should contact the manufacturer to determine if it has met the states' labeling requirements.

What are the "Standard Labeling" requirements for mercury-added products?

Labeling requirements generally mandate that a mercury-added product has a visible and durable label that indicates that it contains mercury and should be managed or disposed of properly. The states also require that the product packaging bear a label that is visible prior to purchase indicating that it contains mercury and should be managed or disposed of properly. A standard label is one that meets all the following specifications:

  1. Is visible to the product user;
  2. Is printed in English using 10 point font or larger;
  3. Is mounted, engraved, molded, embossed, or otherwise affixed to the product using materials that are sufficiently durable to remain legible throughout the life of the product;
  4. Bears the wording "contains mercury" or equivalent wording;
  5. Label should state that the product cannot be placed in trash and must be recycled or disposed of as a hazardous waste.


    "Contains Mercury, Don't Put In Trash. Recycle or Dispose as Hazardous Waste"

    "Contains Mercury, Dispose According to Local, State or Federal Laws"
    "Contains Mercury, Dispose of Properly "
  6. If the product incorporates a mercury-added component that is not visibly labeled in accordance with this standard, the label on the larger product must clearly identify the internal component, e.g., the [describe component] in this product contains mercury, dispose according to local, state, or federal law or some equivalent language indicated in sample wording above.
  7. If the product is sold in packaging that obscures the label, the packaging also must be labeled such that the label:
    • Is visible at the time of purchase;
    • Bears the wording "contains mercury" in 10 point or larger font;
    • Identifies the mercury-added component within the package (e.g., "lamp contains mercury" if the product is a light fixture that includes a fluorescent lamp); and
    • Bears the wording "dispose according to local, state, or federal laws," "do not place in trash, dispose as a hazardous waste" or some equivalent wording;
  8. If the product is offered for sale by catalog, telephone, or internet such that the label on the product or packaging is not visible at the time of purchase, the consumer must be made aware prior- to-purchase that there is intentionally-added mercury in the product by placing a label or other information provided in sales literature, web site pages, etc.

Other State Labeling Laws

Maryland and Oregon also have mercury-added product labeling laws. These states are not members of IMERC.

  • Oregon requires labeling for mercury-added thermostats ONLY and has approved the use of the following wording and symbol:
    Contains Mercury, Manage Properly

Alternative Labeling Plans

To request approval for mercury-added product alternative labeling or renew a plan previously approved by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, complete the Alternative Labeling Request Form and Product Table available for download below.

IMERC will facilitate review and discussion of the proposed alternatives to standard labeling by representatives from the participating states, as appropriate. This joint review process will help ensure that alternative labeling plans submitted for approval by a manufacturer will meet the labeling requirements in all IMERC-member states.

For more information about labeling mercury-added products, including information about alternative labeling requests, contact

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Last Modified 11/10/2014

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