Materials Management Projects

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2011-present • Active

Soil Reuse: State Information Resource

Construction, utility, brownfields, and waste site cleanup projects can generate quantities of excess soil and can contain contaminants at levels that are detectable, but much below those that would qualify […]

2014-2023 • Inactive


In 2014 NERC and NEWMOA established a unique and unprecedented partnership to help advance sustainable materials management in the northeast through a “NEWMOA & NERC Joint Strategic Action Plan”, which […]

2022-present • Active

PFAS in Consumer Products

Many consumer products contain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a large group of human-made chemicals know for their heat-stable, friction-reducing, and grease-, water-, and stain-resistant properties. PFAS are frequently called […]

2021-2023 • Inactive

Closed Landfill Project

NEWMOA completed a Promoting Stewardship of Closed Landfills Project in 2023 to help improve the management of closed solid waste landfills in small rural, low-income communities in northern New Hampshire […]

2022-present • Active

Consumption-Based Emissions Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the Northeast

NEWMOA and the Northeast Recycling Council’s (NERC) joint Climate and Materials Workgroup involves state environmental agency officials from 11 Northeast states, who are interested in the connection between consumption and […]

2020-present • Active

Recycled Content Mandates

In 2020, NEWMOA and NERC partnered to develop model post-consumer recycled content legislation for targeted plastic products and packaging. Through this initiative, the organizations were focused on: Encouraging a circular […]

2022 • Inactive

End Food Waste in East Boston

NEWMOA collaborated with Maverick Landing Community Services (MLCS) in East Boston to help them promote food recovery and food waste reduction strategies for their residents. The Project team developed a […]

2021-2023 • Inactive

Food Waste Reduction in Erie County, NY

The Erie County Department of Environment & Planning partnered with NEWMOA, Leanpath, and Metz Culinary Management to measure and reduce food waste at health care facilities in and around Buffalo, […]

2022-present • Active

Anaerobic Digestion

Published Materials and Webinars: View our guides and additional materials here: Regulatory Guide Community Engagement Guide “What’s AD and How Can I Get Involved?” Roadmap in English “¿Qué es la […]