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Materials Management 101: Plastics

This webinar provided a primer on plastics: what are the different kinds of plastics and where are they used; which kinds of plastics are generally recyclable; what do the chasing arrows and numbers mean; and what does the future of plastics and plastics recycling look like? Curt Cozart, Chief Operating Officer, Association of Plastic Recyclers […]

EPR for Packaging & Bottle Bill Programs: How Can They Coexist?

 The joint NEWMOA - NERC free webinar provided an opportunity to hear from experts on EPR for packaging and bottle bill programs and how these two systems can work together. Presenters include: Peter Spendelow, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Heidi Sanborn, National Stewardship Action Council Allen Langdon, Circular Materials The presenters spoke for about […]

Materials Management 101: MRF ‘Virtual Tour’

This webinar provided a virtual tour of a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). Brynn Mosello, Director of Sustainability and Communication at Mazza Recycling, explains the recycling process and how MRFs fit in, then walks through footage of their state-of-the-art MRF built in New Jersey in 2020.  

Properly Managing E-Cigarettes & Vaping Waste Streams This free webinar, co-sponsored by NEWMOA and NERC, focused on proper management of waste from e-cigarettes and vaping, including any opportunities for recycling the materials. The presenters provided an overview of these devices and their associated waste streams, whether any of the materials meet the definition of hazardous waste, what the commercial and institutional […]

Closed Landfills: Hazards & Best Practices – What You Need to Know

2:00 to 3:00 (eastern) Presenter: Jennifer Griffith, Project Manager at NEWMOA Most towns have at least one old closed landfill. These old landfills present ongoing liabilities and obligations. The Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association (NEWMOA) is wrapping up a project to help increase awareness of and improve the management of old closed solid waste landfills. […]

Reducing Food Waste in Food Service Kitchens: A Project in Erie County, New York

Erie County and NEWMOA conducted a project to measure and reduce food waste at four healthcare facilities in the Buffalo area. The webinar presented: An overview of the project challenges and results and the lessons learned Information on using the Leanpath tool to measure food waste More general food waste reduction options and opportunities for […]

Anaerobic Digestion and Other Solutions for Wasted Food

NERC/NEWMOA Four Part Webinar Series Webinar 1: Anaerobic Digestion and Other Solutions for Wasted Food  Dive into the different solutions for eliminating wasted food from landfills while learning about EPA’s Wasted Food Scale and the different methods for sustainable food management during our webinar Anaerobic Digestion and Other Solutions for Wasted Food.   This webinar will cover wasted […]

Siting Considerations for Anaerobic Digesters

NERC/NEWMOA Four Part Webinar Series Webinar 2: Siting Considerations for Anaerobic Digesters This presentation will provide a high-level overview of site considerations for anaerobic digestion facilities, from state regulations and permitting to feedstock analysis, site design and layout, water, and digestate. Anaerobic digesters are typically established in locations that meet specific criteria. These include sites […]

Anaerobic Digestion Facilities: Operators’ Perspectives on Siting and More

NERC/NEWMOA Four Part Webinar Series Webinar 3: Anaerobic Digestion Facilities: Operators' Perspectives on Siting and More Hear from operators of three successful, diverse anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities from Maine, Connecticut, and Maryland, followed by a generous question and answer period. The presenters will cover topics including: Choosing the specific AD technology for their application; Finding […]

Environmental Justice in Anaerobic Digestion: Green Solutions, Just Outcomes

NERC/NEWMOA Four Part Webinar Series Webinar 4: Environmental Justice in Anaerobic Digestion: Green Solutions, Just Outcomes Join us for a webinar on the intersection of anaerobic digestion and environmental justice. We will explore how anaerobic digestion can address environmental inequities and contribute to a more sustainable future. We will discuss the environmental benefits of anaerobic digestion such as […]

Materials Management 101: EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

Join other Northeast state solid waste staff for a presentation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) by Resa Dimino of Signalfire Group, a leading expert on EPR. Resa's presentation will cover the basics of EPR, policy structures, types of fees, incentives, performance measures, and current legislation seen around the country. It will be followed by a […]