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Solar Panel Recycling & EPR

This webinar covered the Washington State solar panel EPR law, how the panels are recycled, and recycler certification. Presenters included: Al Salvi, Supervisor, Solid Waste Technical Services Unit, Washington Department of Ecology : PV Model Stewardship and Takeback Program Parikhit (Ricky) Sinha, Sr. Scientist, Sustainability Research, First Solar : Solar Panel Recycling & EPR Kelley […]

Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging: Policy Options that Integrate Climate Mitigation

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging is increasingly being considered in various parts of the United States. But the focus is often limited to recycling systems, and recycling has limited potential to address the threats of climate changes and plastic pollution. Policy could do more to engage producers in more meaningful and impactful solutions. This […]

Chemical Recycling, Part 1

PowerPoint slides by Anne Johnson, RRS for a December 2022 meeting of the joint NEWMOA - NERC Chemical Recycling Workgroup on the basics of chemical recycling. AJOHNSON NERC ART WEBINAR_12.08.22

Strategies for Residential Food Waste Reduction & Composting

This joint NEWMOA and NERC webinar focused on ways to prevent wasted food at home, particularly in disadvantaged communities. This is a key strategy for keeping food out of the waste stream. Presenters: Krishana Abrahim-Petrie, NEWMOA, presented on an End Food Waste Initiative in East Boston Lisa Piering, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCCRA), presented […]

Ground Glass Pozzolans – A More Sustainable Solution for Recycled Glass & Concrete Using ground glass Pozzolans instead of cement in concrete is a viable and sustainable solution. This webinar focused on this nascent industry sector, which uses locally-sourced, post-consumer glass to make an environmentally preferable building material. The free webinar was co-hosted by NERC and NEWMOA. The presenters were: Pat Grasso, Co-Managing Partner, Urban Mining Industries, […]

Gypsum Wallboard: Problems, Recommendations, & the Current State of Recycling

Gypsum Wallboard: Problems, Recommendations, & the Current State of Recycling Presentations: The Problems Created by Gypsum Wallboard Waste for Landfills & C&D Processors, Presenter: Rick Watson, Delaware Solid Waste Authority The Problems Created by Gypsum Wallboard Waste for Waste-to-Energy Facilities, Presenter: Mark VanWeelden, Covanta Recycling Gypsum Wallboard in the Northeast, Presenter: Terry Weaver, USA […]

Chemical Recycling, Part 2

PowerPoint slides from a presentation by Tim Buwalda, Circular Matters, LLC on chemical recycling in January 2023 for the Chemical Recycling Workgroup. CircularMatters-NERC-ChemicalRecycling

Materials Management 101: Plastics

This webinar provided a primer on plastics: what are the different kinds of plastics and where are they used; which kinds of plastics are generally recyclable; what do the chasing arrows and numbers mean; and what does the future of plastics and plastics recycling look like? Curt Cozart, Chief Operating Officer, Association of Plastic […]

EPR for Packaging & Bottle Bill Programs: How Can They Coexist?

 The joint NEWMOA - NERC free webinar provided an opportunity to hear from experts on EPR for packaging and bottle bill programs and how these two systems can work together. Presenters include: Peter Spendelow, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Heidi Sanborn, National Stewardship Action Council Allen Langdon, Circular Materials The presenters spoke for about […]

Properly Managing E-Cigarettes & Vaping Waste Streams This free webinar, co-sponsored by NEWMOA and NERC, focused on proper management of waste from e-cigarettes and vaping, including any opportunities for recycling the materials. The presenters provided an overview of these devices and their associated waste streams, whether any of the materials meet the definition of hazardous waste, what the commercial and institutional […]