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PFAS in Consumer Products Factsheets

Many consumer products contain Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), including food packaging, cosmetics, stain protection and waterproofing treatments, and cleaning products. Since PFAS do not breakdown, the compounds often called “forever chemicals” because they do not breakdown and instead build up over time in the environment, animals, and people; and can be harmful to health.

The purpose of this Project is to educate residents, local officials, institutions, and businesses in targeted areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont on common consumer products that contain PFAS, their impacts on public health and the environment, and commercially available safer alternatives.

“What are PFAS? And Why Should I Care?” Overview Factsheet

PFAS in Clothing and Other Textiles Factsheet

View PFAS in Foodware and Packaging Factsheet

PFAS in Personal Care Product Factsheet

PFAS in Outdoor Recreation Factsheet



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