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About NEWMOA About the Board

NEWMOA Board of Directors

NEWMOA Board of Directors

NEWMOA Board Meeting, June 2015. From left to right:

Front Row: Rachel Smith, NEWMOA; Sarah Weinstein, Mass DEP; Judy-Ann Mitchell, EPA Region 2; Terri Goldberg, NEWMOA; Charles Schwer, VT DEC; Jennifer Griffith, NEWMOA

Back Row: Andy Bray, NEWMOA; Melanie Loyzim, ME DEP; Michael Wimsatt, NH DES; Yvonne Bolton, CT DEEP; Rich Bizzozero, Mass OTA; Topher Buck, NEWMOA; Bob Kaliszewski, CT DEEP; Ron Gagnon, RI DEM; Stephanie D'Agostino, NH DES; Gary Gulka, VT DEC; Peter Pettit, NYS DEC

Current NEWMOA Board

Yvonne Bolton Chief Waste Management Bureau CT DEEP
Bob Kaliszewski Director/Ombudsman Planning and Program Development CT DEEP
Leslie Anderson Director Bureau of Remediation & Waste Management ME DEP
Jay Naparstek Chief Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup MA DEP
Sarah Weinstein Deputy Assistant Commissioner Bureau of Air and Waste MA DEP
Rich Bizzozero Director Office of Technical Assistance MA OTA
Michael Wimsatt Director Waste Management Division NH DES
Stephanie D'Agostino Supervisor Pollution Prevention Section NH DES
Mary Jo Aiello Administrator Solid and Hazardous Waste Program NJ DEP
Tom Cozzi Director Division of Remediation NJ DEP
Michael DiGiore Chief Office Pollution Prevention and Right to Know NJ DEP
John Vana Director Pollution Prevention Unit NYS DEC
Peter Pettit Director, Bureau of Waste Reduction & Recycling Division of Materials Management NYS DEC
Ron Gagnon Director Office of Technical and Customer Assistance RI DEM
Leo Hellested Director Office of Waste Management RI DEM
Charles Schwer Director Waste Management and Prevention Division VT DEC
Kim Greenwood Director Environmental Compliance Division VT DEC



Last Modified 10/27/2015

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