Mercury-Added Product Reporting - E-filing System

IMERC launched an e-filing system for mercury-added product notification reporting in November 2011. The system enables companies to comply with the Mercury-added Product Notification requirements of Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

The system is available at

Online Training Demos for 2018 Triennial Reporting
IMERC conducted a series of online training webinars to educate system users on the basic functionality and features of the product reporting system. The trainings provided a walk-through of a sample submission of the reporting form and identified key steps for completing the notification process. IMERC hosted online trainings on May 28th and June 11th, 2021.

IMERC E-Filing Demonstration Slides (PDF)

Senior Management Official Certification Form
The IMERC-member states require an authorized senior management official to certify the information in the online Notification Form submission. If the owner of the online e-filing system account is not a senior management official – a corporate officer or the individual responsible for the overall operation of a facility or an operational unit of a facility, such as a plant manager, superintendent, manager of environmental programs, or person of equivalent responsibility – the following certification form must be signed by a senior management official and attached as part of the submission process.