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SU645 CA

461 Doughty Blvd
Inwood, NY 11096


Solid mount, 6 bolt down washer to be used on a minimum of 8 inches of concrete. 200 G force equipped with "Super Balance" and Clarus Control microprocessor. Steam heated 208/60/1 phase


MSRP $11,275
Wet Cleaning Capacity 30 lbs
Laundry Capacity 45 lbs
Height 53 in
Width 30 in
Depth 36 in
Weight 528 lbs
Total Square Footage 1080 sq ft
Every 6 weeks Remove and clean the 3 water inlet valve screens. Remove and clean steam line screen Inspect drain valve for debris Inspect soap lines into the machine for leaks


Considerations for Implementation


Training Process
Dealer supplied one equipment start up Chemical representitive to offer programming and garment care information


Other Intrastructure Requirements
Mke sure installation is done by authorized Wascomat dealer


Has Pre-Programmed Settings for Fabric Type No
Number of Pre-Programmed Settings 9
Pre-Programmed Setting Description
Machine has memory for 192 programs and an additional 31 on the Clarus card


Minimum Cycle Time 22 min per load
Maximum Cycle Time 40 min per load
Has Cycle Time Controls Yes
Cycle Time Description
Digital that cab programmed to the exact time neeeded for processing


Energy Use 2.1 kWh
Energy Saving Features
Lower water consumption by infinite programming to the exact gallon and inch of water needed for load classification.


Electric Service Single Phase
Waste Reduction Features
No hazardous waste generated


Water Use 27 gal
Has Water Level Controls Yes
Water Savings Features
multiple level control to every inch and gallon


Hard Mount Yes
Highest Extraction Speed 200 Gs
Has Rotation/Titration Controls No
Titration Features


Internal Temperature Control Yes
Temperature Control Features
Direct steam


Number of Inlets 3 
Water Pressure 45 psi
Water Line Size 2 in
Discharge Line Size 3 in
Specifications Sheet Dual Use Specspdf.pdf
Brochure WetcleanReuseTank.pdf
Other Document B Questions and Answers.doc



Last Modified 08/25/2020

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