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In October 2015, NEWMOA partnered with CLEAResult to deliver two free webinars focused on energy efficiency and safer chemical use in refrigeration, as a way of advancing sustainability in the grocery sector. CLEAResult is an energy efficiency consulting firm that helps utilities, businesses and individuals make the wise use of energy a way of life. CLEAResult offers many market segment programs including EnergySmart Grocer (ESG) which is focused on the refrigeration market. The goal of these webinars was to help participants understand how to improve energy efficiency in and minimize accidental releases of high global warming potential gases from refrigeration units within the grocery sector.  

Cool Tips for TAPs: Identifying Opportunities in Refrigeration
This webinar was intended for technical assistance providers and provided an overview of opportunities for improving the sustainability and efficiency for refrigeration equipment. The presenters also discussed how TAPs can make referrals to other programs for a deeper opportunity analysis and implementation support.

Sustainability in Refrigeration: High Impact Practices that Lower Costs for Grocers
The focus of this webinar will be on two key sustainability opportunities within grocery stores: refrigerant leak reduction, specifically identifying high-impact practices that reduce risk; and energy efficiency through opportunities for retrofits, re-commissioning, retro-commissioning, and installing new technologies. Grocery stores will benefit from this session with specific actions they can take to reduce their operating costs.

These webinars were funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx™).

For more information, contact Andy Bray at .



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