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Pollution Prevention & Sustainability Events Chemicals in Commerce Regional HPV 2007 Agenda


Regional Workshop
Chemicals in Commerce: Using Data on High Production
Volume (HPV) Chemicals

Thursday June 14, 2007
Boston University Conference Center, Tyngsboro, MA

Workshop Objectives: (1) To familiarize participants with the data that is currently available and will become available on high production volume (HPV) chemicals through the HPV Challenge Program and efforts in other countries; (2) to provide interesting example of HPV data use; and (3) to develop ideas on how agencies and programs in New England can also use this data and on next steps in the region

Audience: Federal, state, and local health and environmental officials; representatives of non-governmental and community organizations, academic researchers, and selected industry representatives and consultants.

To access PowerPoint slides, use the linked presentation titles below.

9:30-9:45 Welcome & Introductions
Speakers: Jim Willis, U.S. EPA HQs & Deborah Brown, EPA Region 1-New England
9:45-10:15 Background on U.S. High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program, HPV Information System Development, Status of Enhancements, & Preview of Chemical Screening Effort at EPA
Speaker: Diane Sheridan, EPA Headquarters OPPT

Ms. Sheridan provided a brief background on the elements of the HPV Challenge Program, development of the HPVIS, the Agency's regulatory efforts, and future directions of the program.

10:15-11:00 Interesting Uses of HPV Data: Results of Recent Research Projects
Speakers: University of Massachusetts Lowell Center for Sustainable Production (LCSP) Staff; Jim Blando, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services

The LCSP representative outlined the process undertaken to identify research projects to profile examples of how the HPVIS can be used. Dr. Blando presented the results of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services research on utilizing the High Production Volume Information System to address specific community health concerns from the state and local government perspective. The research project focused on developing a metric for use with the HPVIS to select chemicals of particular concern for additional survey and follow-up among New Jersey industries.

11:00-11:10 Break
11:10-12:10 High Production Volume Information System (HPVIS) Walk Through
Presenters: Gloria Drayton-Miller, EPA Information Management Division, and Karen Hoffman, EPA OPPT

The EPA presenter provided and overview of HPVIS and provide examples of the searchability of the system in a live demonstration.

Download: A Practitioner's Guide to Using the HPV Data for Alternatives Assessment

12:10-1:10 Lunch at facility
1:10-1:40 Discussion of the 2006 Inventory Update Reporting Data
Speaker: Fred Arnold, EPA Headquarters, OPPT

This presentation included a brief introduction to the 2006 Inventory Update Reporting Amendment (IURA) data collection, the IURA Data Release Report and outline expectations the Agency has for using this newly collected data in conjunction with the HPV data.

1:40-2:10 U.S. EPA's Current & Anticipated Uses of HPV Challenge Data: Chemical Prioritization & Development of Hazard Characterization Profiles
Speaker: Phil Sayre, EPA Headquarters, OPPT

This session included an overview of EPA/OPPTs efforts to conduct priority screening of the HPV chemicals, and preview of efforts to develop Hazard Characterization Profiles for all U.S. HPV Challenge Chemicals.

2:10-2:40 Update on International Initiatives & How They Relate to the U.S. HPV Challenge Program
Speaker: Ken Geiser, University of Massachusetts Lowell

The HPV Challenge Program has been conducted in the context of several related international initiatives. This presentation addressed the HPV dataset in relation to global efforts, such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Chemical Portal and the European Union REACH legislation. It examined ways in which the HPV data can be complemented by these other datasets.

2:40-2:50 Break
2:50-3:20 Connecting HPV Challenge with Green Chemistry Initiatives
Speaker: John Warner, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

This presentation examined how the HPVIS can be used to support industry efforts to design safer molecules.
3:20-4:00 Roundtable on Initiatives in New England
Facilitated Discussion: Joel Tickner, University of Massachusetts Lowell

This discussion focused on how the HPVIS can be used in the Northeast by state environmental programs, industry, and consultants.

4:00-4:15 Next Steps in New England
Facilitated Discussion: Terri Goldberg, NEWMOA




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