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The webinar was presented for informational purposes. The views expressed do not necesssaily reflect those of each of the NEWMOA-member states, and the strategies and technologies discussed should not be considered an endorsement by NEWMOA or its members.

The webinar included the following presentations:

Rebecca Mora & Dr. Shangtao Liang, AECOM [PDF] presented Coupling Regenerable Ion Exchange Resin (IXR) with Electrochemical Oxidation (EO) for Onsite Separation & Destruction of PFAS in Groundwater. With limited disposal options for PFAS-impacted remediation-derived wastes (e.g., spent media and concentrated waste streams), the focus of PFAS treatment technology development has shifted from separation/sorption technologies to combining separation/sorption and destruction technologies. The objectives of this project were to remove PFAS from contaminated groundwater using regenerable IXR and demonstrate on-site EO destruction of PFAS in the concentrated waste. An overview of laboratory and field testing was shared.

Ivan Cooper, Civil & Environmental Consultants [PDF] presented Innovative Destruction Technologies for PFAS in Groundwater & Leachate. Conventional destruction and disposal technologies for PFAS-impacted groundwater and leachate include activated carbon and ion exchange followed by thermal treatment, as well as reverse osmosis with reject flow management. Lower cost management technologies are being investigated. Alternative adsorption technologies that provide longer media life and simpler disposal management, including modified bentonite, are starting to be used. Research for a range of other technologies is under investigation and will be presented with stage of development. Case examples of innovation were discussed.


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