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This free webinar covered what waste site cleanup staff and managers need to know about how to ensure compliance with RCRA regarding identification of the area of contamination and the northeast states contained-in policies. Mark Dennen, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RI DEM) presented. Mr. Dennen is a long time RCRA inspector and program manager with experience addressing contaminated waste sites. In developing his presentation, he worked with colleagues from the other states in the Northeast to make sure the information applies to all of the states in the region. 

This webinar was the second one in a four-part series that are taking place over the fall of 2019 and winter 2020 and cover key RCRA compliance topics that can affect site cleanups.

PowerPoint Slides: http://www.newmoa.org/events/docs/391_352/11-13-19_Webinar_Area_of_Contamination_and_contained_in_policyv2.pdf

Supplemental Information to Answer Key Questions Raised During the Webinar: http://www.newmoa.org/events/docs/391_352/RCRA_Waste_Listings_Apply_Retroactively_to_Wastes.pdf

Relevant Federal Register Notice Information: http://www.newmoa.org/events/docs/391_352/1988-05-17_LDR_3rd_3rd_Proposed_Rule.pdf

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