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The Webinar included the following presentations:

Jon Russell, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Michigan's IPP PFAS Initiative 
[PDF] - and a listing of MI DEQ PFAS online resources [PDF]

Elizabeth Denly, TRC
PFAS Sampling Challenges [PDF] - note: some of the slides presented on the webinar are not included in this posted version. Once study results are published, a link to the publication will be included here.

Jon Russell, Field Operations Section, Water Resources Division, Michigan DEQ. Mr. Russell is the Water Resources Division lead with the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) and will present on Michigan's Industrial Pre-treatment Program (IPP) PFAS Initiative. In February 2018 the MI DEQ launched the IPP PFAS Initiative, requiring all municipal wasatewater treadment plants with required IPPs to find out whether they may be passing through PFOS and/or PFOA to surface waters and reduce and eliminate any sources if found. The MDEQ is working closely with municipal and industry groups to reduce and eliminate or control sources of PFOS and PFOA as they are found. Jon will present an overview of the IPP PFAS Initiative and its findings, including their work on biosolids management.

Elizabeth Denly, ASQ CMQ/OE, Quality Assurance & Chemistry Director, TRC will present PFAS Sampling Challenges in the Field. The potential for cross-contamination becomes even more crucial with PFAS than other chemicals because the regulatory criteria for PFAS are in the parts per trillion (ppt)/nanograms per liter (ng/L) range.  Ms. Denly will address the rules for sampling PFAS in different media and recommendations for proper field quality control (QC) requirements. In addition, she will present the results of a study performed by TRC and Alpha Analytical on the different PFAS constituents that can be transferred from common sampling materials and the relative concentrations of these PFAS in each of the tested materials.

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