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Innovative Compliance Assistance & Assurance Strategies that Work

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
12:00 AM

The purpose of the webinar with EPA Headquearters OECA was to help inform them about various programs that have been underway in the northeast states in the region and elsewhere to advance and measure compliance at facilities for more than a decade. For some states, these programs are called Environmental Results Programs (ERP) and for others they have other names and approaches. The webinar will focus on the experience in these programs. NEWMOA hopes that this will help inform EPA's efforts to advance compliance through assistance and assurance efforts.   

For a number of years, NEWMOA has been involved in supporting state ERPs and other efforts. For example, the Association undertook a multi-year Common Measures Project, which involved 10 states around the U.S. and demonstrated that by using a similar approach the states could develop and implement a set of measures to assess overall compliance in a sector, like small quantity generators of hazardous waste. NEWMOA has supported the national States ERP Consortium for a number of years, which brought together states to work on developing and promoting measurable compliance-focused initiatives. NEWMOA still have a Next Generation Compliance Workgroup that we are going to revitalize this year. 


Compliance Assistance: Evidence-Based Approach by Ron Gagnon, RI DEM

Promoting an Integrated, Balanced Approach to Compliance Assurance, Nicole Lugli, CT DEEP

MassDEP Alternative Compliance Strategies, by Suzi Peck, MassDEP

Additional Resources, by Terri Goldberg

Useful Papers:

UST Risk Analysis

ERP Letter

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