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Historically, C&D wastes were disposed in landfills. However, available landfill space is becoming increasingly limited in most NEWMOA states and public opposition has severely limited the siting of new landfills. Therefore, there is an increased emphasis on the processing and reuse of C&D materials. NEWMOA provides an ongoing forum for states to discuss C&D materials of concern, such as use of C&D wood for fuel, reuse of asphalt shingles, and recycling of gypsum wallboard.

The gypsum wallboard component presents a unique problem when disposed, and NEWMOA conducted a project focused on increasing the recycling of gypsum wallboard waste from 2008-2010.

Policy Options White Paper - Promoting Greater Recycling of Gypsum Wallboard from Construction and Demolition (C&D) Projects in the Northeast [PDF], September 2010

NEWMOA also prepared three reports that quantify, to the extent possible, the amount of C&D materials that are generated and disposed in each NEWMOA state and characterize the interstate flow of the materials.

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Materials Management in the Northeast in 2013 [PDF], December 2017

Construction & Demolition Waste Management in the Northeast in 2006 [PDF], June 2009

Interstate flow of Construction & Demolition Wastes Among the NEWMOA States in 2002 [PDF], January 2005.

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