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Economic Instruments for Pollution Control and Prevention: a brief overview
Article goes into more detail about the benefits and theory behind economic incentives.

United States Experience with Economic Incentives for Pollution Control
Comprehensive report on EPA's experience with economic incentives.

Welcome to the Economic Incentives Topic Hub™, a guide to basic information with links to additional on-line resources.

Background and Overview
Introduces the idea of economic incentives and what sets this regulatory approach apart from traditional regulation. Also includes a brief background on economic theory.

Reasons for Economic Incentives
Describes the main advantages associated with economic incentives: flexibility, encouragement of technological innovation, improved relationships between public and private sector, substantial cost savings, and effectiveness in dealing with non-point emissions sources.

Developing and Implementing Economic Incentives
Provides general guidelines for developing and implementing economic incentives. Provides links to more detailed guidance, depending on type of incentive.

Types of Economic Incentives
Details the major categories of economic incentives in use today: charges, fees, or taxes; marketable permits, deposit-refund systems, subsidies, voluntary actions and recognition programs, and permit and regulatory incentives. Provides examples of each type.

(NEW!) Focus on Renewable Energy Incentives
(Under construction) List of economic incentives relating to solar, thermal, ...

P2 Opportunities
Provides examples of where economic incentives can be implemented in various P2 management areas.

Where To Go for P2 Help
Organizations and experts who can provide more specific information and assistance.

Complete List of Links
Lists all resources cataloged in this hub. If you know of resources relating to this topic, please let us know. We will review all suggestions and include them in the hub if they provide non-biased information not currently covered.


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