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Marinas & Small Boat Harbors: Reasons for Change
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Reasons for Change
P2 Opportunities
Assistance Activities
Where To Go for Help
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In addition to environmental and human health benefits that can result from implementing pollution prevention (P2) at a marina, the marinas might want to consider other reasons to implement P2 techniques.

Economic Benefits: The high occupancy rates that typically result from a reputation as a distinguished 'clean marina' will more than offset the cost of P2. Marina owners can attract new customers through such services as providing full pump-out services, improved flushing of coastal waters, and providing hull servicing improvements. Also, cleaner water surrounding a marina will also be incentive for more customers to join. Additionally, many of the P2 opportunities for marinas will save them money.

Enhancing Public Image: Marina owners should explain the benefits of 'clean' marinas to their customers and advertise these benefits to the public. Owners should strive to earn a 'clean designation,' perhaps by participating in a mentoring program, educating peers on P2 practices and techniques. These 'clean techniques' can raise a marina's image, improving customer relations and increasing its client base.


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