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Pollution Prevention (P2) Internships: Acknowledgments
Table of Contents
Background and Overview
Getting Started - Scope of the Program
Recruiting Students
Recruiting Internship Clients
Technical Assistance and Support
Internship Tasks
Student Training
Program Costs
Measuring the Impact of the Internships
Where to go for Help
Complete List of Links

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Krysta Larson
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
Minneapolis, MN
Reviewed: October 2008
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Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Springfield, IL
Reviewed: December 2008
Bruce Dvorak
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE
Reviewed: November 2008
Sara Johnson
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Protection
Concord, NH
Reviewed: December 2008
Phil Kaplan
EPA Region 5
Chicago, IL
Reviewed: December 2008
Editorial Reviewers:
Andy Bray
Boston, MA
Terri Goldberg
Boston, MA
Primary Authors:
Rachel Smith
Boston, MA
Website Technical Input:
Nate Bisbee
Boston, MA
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