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Alphabetical Listing of Reference Documents by Title
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Characteristics and Treatment of the Dental Waste Water Stream [PDF]
Abstract: The main objective of this project was to characterize the properties of the dental waste stream. This was accomplished by collecting more than 90 dental waste stream samples from various clinics and quantifying the mercury and silver content of their two major waste components: a) the solid waste retained on the in- line vacuum trap (also known as a chair-side trap), and b) the dental waste water which has the potential to be discharged into the sewer system.
Source: Illinois Waste Management and Research Center

Dental Office Waste Stream Characterization Study for Metro Seattle [PDF]
Abstract: Metro Seattle has characterized the wastewater from dental offices and suggested plans for minimizing mercury.
Source: Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle

Mercury in Dental Facilities - Executive Summary
Abstract: Massachusetts MWRA presents results of work to characterize mercury content in effluent from dental facilities and determine the contribution to the total mercury load.
Source: Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Physico-chemical Properties of Dental Wastewater
Abstract: This paper presents the findins of an on-going study which aims at characterizing the properties of the waste water from dental offices.
Source: Water Environment Federation WEFTEC'94 Conference Proceedings


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