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2005 Regional Environmental Summit:
Promoting Environmental Responsibility

Holiday Inn-Downtown, Providence, RI
September 28 - 29, 2005

Compendium of Speaker Presentation Summaries
If a presentation is not linked, then slides were not used or are unavailable for that session.

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Speakers Presentations
Opening Remarks and Welcome    
SESSION 1   Opening Plenary
SESSION 2A   The Next Generation of Green Purchasing: Concerns & Strategies
SESSION 2B   Reducing Mercury Releases from Dental Offices
SESSION 2C   Tools for Measuring Assistance Program Success
SESSION 3A   Integration of Various Environmental Assistance Approaches
SESSION 3B   Greening the Supply Chain
SESSION 3C   Measuring Environmental Performance
SESSION 3D   Providing States Credit for their ERP Work
SESSION 4A   Contrasting the Effectiveness of Compliance Assistance, Certification, & Enforcement in Improving Compliance
SESSION 4B   Toxics Use Reduction for Trichloroethylene
SESSION 4C   Promoting & Measuring Compliance at Auto Salvage Yards
SESSION 4D   Innovations in Environmental Management Systems
SESSION 5A   Emerging Assistance Tools
SESSION 5B   Green Chemistry
SESSION 5C   Tools for Improving Health Care Management
SESSION 6A   Reducing Building Hazards for Homeowners & Businesses
SESSION 6B   Government, University, & Business Collaboration for P2
SESSION 6C   Pollution Prevention Measurement
SESSION 7   Workshops

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