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Institutional purchasing drives market for safer chemicals (08/25/2015)
This report from the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production profiles six organizations -- from governmental to private-sector to not-for-profit -- that are taking different approaches to screen and restrict products containing certain toxic chemicals or groups of chemicals and, as a result, are driving demand for safer chemistry; these organizations have developed processes beyond the use of third-party product certifications to identify and purchase safer products.
EPA Seeking Public Comment on Phosphorus Limits for Vermont Segments of Lake Champlain (08/14/2015)
BURLINGTON --The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is making available for public comment the Phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for the twelve Vermont segments of Lake Champlain. Too much phosphorus pollution is reaching Lake Champlain primarily from the streams and rivers draining into it. The primary concern is polluted runoff -- rainwater or snowmelt that drains off of parking lots, roads and streets, logging roads, farm fields and croplands, and lawns. The runoff carries pollutants -- sediment, nutrients such as phosphorus that are naturally present in soils, pet and animal wastes, fertilizers, and other pollutants -- and deposits these pollutants into streams and rivers or directly into Lake Champlain. Phosphorus concentrations have not decreased significantly in any areas of Lake Champlain, despite reductions in the amount of phosphorus entering the Lake from several of its tributaries. Long-term trends since 1990 indicate that phosphorus concentrations in several segments continue to increase.
OSHA seeks to reduce exposure to highly useful, highly toxic metal (08/11/2015)
The metal beryllium is an engineer's dream: Lightweight yet strong, capable of handling harsh environments underwater and out in space. It's also a medical nightmare. Minute amounts of its dust and fumes can trigger a disabling, sometimes deadly lung disease. It can cause cancer, too. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said it will propose Thursday to sharply tighten the level of beryllium to which workers can be legally exposed, belatedly responding to decades of studies showing that the current OSHA limit does not protect people's lungs.
Worried about PVC and BPA? A toxic-free back-to-school shopping guide. (08/11/2015)
When picking out school supplies, children often clamor for their favorite cartoon characters or colors, but health advocates are urging parents to consider the safety of products before moving to the checkout line. Some plastics that have been linked to health problems still can be found in many backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles marketed to children. "We are living in an age of plastics," said Charles Moore, founder of Algalita, an organization that raises awareness about plastic pollution and its effect on marine life and ecosystems.
Lincoln-Sudbury High Schoolers Recognized by President Obama and EPA (08/10/2015)
BOSTON -- A group of students at Lincoln-Sudbury High in Sudbury, Mass. was recently awarded a "President's Environmental Youth Award," given jointly by the White House Council on Environmental Quality and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Students in the Environmental Club - Savannah Snell, Michael Bader, Brianna Bisson, Grace Chin, and Clara Cousins -- were recognized for their work to bring awareness of climate change to the 1,600 students at their school, and to promote the use of reusable water bottles and recycling.





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