Vol. 22 No. 2 Fall 2012



Promoting Sustainability & P2 Across Sectors


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Welcome to the first issue of NEWMOA's newly redesigned and enhanced Northeast Pollution Prevention & Sustainability News (formerly Northeast Assistance & Pollution Prevention News).  The content remains focused on federal, state, and local government efforts in the Northeast to advance sustainability, pollution prevention (P2), and compliance.  We have changed the name to reflect a greater emphasis on sustainability in the work of our members and EPA.  We hope that you like the new e-delivery format, navigation, and name, and we encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions so that we can continue to make improvements.  You can also share the newsletter with your friends and colleagues by using the Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, and email buttons.


Northeast Assistance, Sustainability, & P2 Roundtable

Greening Groceries
In 2012 NEWMOA started a regional Sustainable Grocery Initiative Workgroup to support and coordinate states' efforts to advance and recognize sustainable practices in the sector.  The Workgroup has been meeting regularly to share information with a long-term goal of developing a regionally-coordinated recognition program for grocery stores that builds on individual states' efforts.  Currently, Maine has an established, comprehensive grocery recognition program and Vermont and New Hampshire are developing programs.  Massachusetts has been working with grocery stores on food waste and plastic bag reduction and other activities for a many years.  New Jersey Institute of Technology and the New York P2 Institute are both developing pilot programs for the sector.  The Workgroup aims to develop a core set of practices that would be recognized on a multi-state basis and coordinate on the development of metrics and outreach tools and strategies. 

For more information, contact Andy Bray.


Wet Cleaning Tradeshow Launched
NEWMOA recently launched the Wet Cleaning Technology Virtual Tradeshow, an online resource that enables garment cleaners and technical assistance providers to compare practical and (where available) environmental attributes of wet cleaning washers and dryers.  Users can search by washer or dryer to find information about the features of the machine, or do a side-by-side comparison of a few machines at a time.

The Tradeshow currently includes contact information for vendors of wet cleaning equipment and basic machine information for several models of wet cleaning washers and dryers, such as the suggested retail cost, laundry capacity, and the height, weight, and depth of the machines.  NEWMOA plans to engage equipment vendors in the coming months to update their equipment profiles with additional information about environmental attributes including water, waste, and energy saving features.

For more information, contact Rachel Smith.


P2 & Compliance Assistance Tracker Upgraded
NEWMOA completed updates to the Pollution Prevention & Compliance Assistance Tracker (P2CAT), a Microsoft Access-based software application for tracking program activities and outcomes.  These include working one-on-one with clients through on-site visits and research; producing educational and outreach materials; sponsoring workshops and training events; and responding to information requests.  The Software upgrades include a number of functional improvements as well as new features, most notably the addition of an "Initiatives" feature that allows for reporting behavioral and environmental outcomes across a number of activities and a report that aggregates outcomes for reporting up to the National P2 Results Data System.  Users can also now customize the Software lean the user interface to only include programmatic components and outcome data relevant to their P2 and compliance assistance program's activities. 

For more information, contact Andy Bray.


P2 Results Data System Upgraded
There are over 80 pollution prevention (P2) programs throughout the U.S. currently sharing data through the National P2 Results Data System.  The development of the System is led by the National Pollution Prevention Results Task Force.  Over the past year or so, the Task Force has been making improvements to the System based on comments and suggestions from users and those upgrades are now completed.  

The System has documented millions of dollars in cost savings and millions of pounds of pollutants that have been reduced through improvements in production processes and products, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, reductions in air and water pollution, and other innovative P2 measures.

Users of the System now have more ways to search and generate reports by:

Users can also generate reports showing those P2 results that are associated with projects funded by EPA grants or other sources. 

NEWMOA has been implementing these upgrades and enhancements to the System and encourages readers of this Newsletter to visit the System and provide feedback to Andy Bray.  The Task Force and NEWMOA are committed to making continuous improvements to its usability, transparency, quality, and scope. 


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