Vol. 22 No. 2 Fall 2012



Promoting Sustainability & P2 Across Sectors


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EPA Region 1

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Welcome to the first issue of NEWMOA's newly redesigned and enhanced Northeast Pollution Prevention & Sustainability News (formerly Northeast Assistance & Pollution Prevention News).  The content remains focused on federal, state, and local government efforts in the Northeast to advance sustainability, pollution prevention (P2), and compliance.  We have changed the name to reflect a greater emphasis on sustainability in the work of our members and EPA.  We hope that you like the new e-delivery format, navigation, and name, and we encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions so that we can continue to make improvements.  You can also share the newsletter with your friends and colleagues by using the Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, and email buttons.


EPA Region 2

Green Chemistry for High Schools
Expanding on the success of its 2011–2012 green chemistry training events, Region 2 awarded NYS DEC and Beyond Benign a grant to expand training for high schools.  NYS DEC will develop a “Green Chemistry Summer Institute” in collaboration with Siena College over the next three years.  This will involve a series of workshops to provide high school science teachers with hands-on training on green chemistry principles, toxicology, and improvements to existing laboratory procedures. 

For more information, contact Walter Schoepf.


Colleges and Universities
EPA Region 2 awarded a grant to Beyond Benign to advance green chemistry in tertiary education.  Beyond Benign will organize a three day workshop to train faculty from colleges and universities in New Jersey and New York on green chemistry.

For more information, contact Walter Schoepf.


P2 for Puerto Rico’s Hospitality Industry
The University of Turabo (UT) received a Region 2 grant to assist lodging facilities in Puerto Rico with reducing energy and water consumption.  UT will create case studies of how hotels can green their operations by developing a standardized profile for hotel operations of a variety of sizes.  UT will conduct training sessions for hotel operators and staff and use Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager for reporting reductions in greenhouse gases and conserving water.  

For more information, contact Juan Gutierrez.


Energy Conservation in Puerto Rico
The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) received a Region 2 grant to provide a series of workshops and technical assistance training to promote building energy conservation for businesses, universities, and local communities.  UPR will use a campus building that has implemented energy conservation measures as a case study training tool and will track their energy conservation using Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager.

For more information, contact Juan Gutierrez.


Sustainable Grocer Program
EPA Region 2 awarded a grant to NYS DEC to provide outreach to supermarkets to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as exposure to hazardous materials from cleaning chemicals.  NYS DEC will conduct P2 assessments at supermarkets, develop case studies, and host a webinar on this topic. 

For more information, contact Alex Peck.