Vol. 22 No. 2 Fall 2012



Promoting Sustainability & P2 Across Sectors


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Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CT DEEP)

Guidance for Vehicle Repair
Many different parts and fluids are required to keep vehicles running – but if these are improperly managed when they are removed, they can have a negative impact on air and water quality.  Improper management can also expose employees to hazardous chemicals and lead to fines and increased liability.  To continue to assist vehicle service facilities to better manage these materials, CT DEEP has updated its “Pit Stops” guidebook.  This compilation of fact sheets contains information on all aspects of environmental regulations and pollution prevention for vehicle repair.

Recently CT DEEP partnered with the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association (CARA) and held a workshop for service managers from car dealerships.  Attendees received the updated “Pit Stops” guidebook and checklist.  They were shown how to use the checklist for a quick compliance reference.  A second workshop is planned for October for public works employees.  In addition, CT DEEP is working with the Auto Body Association of Connecticut to put a link to the guidebook on their website and plan a workshop for next year.

For more information, contact Judy Prill.


Hospital Workshops
CT DEEP is partnering with the CT Green Building Council’s Healthcare Committee to conduct workshops for hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Two workshops were held this spring/summer.  

In May, Landscaping for Health and the Environment: Creating Sustainable, Attractive Landscaped Areas and Garden Spaces to Control Stormwater Runoff, provided an opportunity for facilities to learn how to use sustainable approaches to create attractive gardens for patients, visitors, and staff, while staying in compliance with stormwater regulations.  There are several examples of sustainable landscaping at healthcare facilities in New England, including Kent Hospital in Warwick, RI and Greenwich Hospital in CT.

In June, Heath Care Ventilation: Challenges and Opportunities of Introducing Sustainable Practices into Health Care Design, contrasted historically conservative design of HVAC systems for patient care areas with the growing need for high performance in health care construction.  The presenters also discussed changes to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers’ (ASHRAE) standards for ventilation for health care facilities.


Training for State Agencies & Municipalities
Last September P2 staff held a workshop, Going Green Makes Sen$e for state agencies and municipalities that focused on greening workplaces and included a tour of the CT DEEP Headquarters.  Staff developed a five-minute video of the tour, highlighting sustainable practices and surveyed the 100 workshop attendees to measure their progress.

P2 staff held a two-hour workshop, Go Green and Save, for the Judicial Branch employees.  The session was a way for attendees to learn how to green the office and home, and save money.  The session was well attended and received positive evaluations. 

This past summer, the CT DEEP Green Team focused on promoting biking to work as a green way to commute.  P2 staff organized a workshop on Smart Cycling: Everything You Need to Know About Biking to Work, and scheduled guided bike rides during lunch from May to September.