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Achieving Mercury Reductions in Products and Waste
May 23-25, 2005

Compendium of Speaker Presentation Summaries

Portland Conference Details    
Speakers Presentations
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SESSION 1   Five Years Since the Baltimore Mercury Reduction Conference: Looking Back - Looking Forward
*SESSION 2A   Dental Clinics: Reducing Mercury in Wastewater & Solid Waste
SESSION 2B   U.S. EPA Mercury Rules, Policies, & Programs
*SESSION 2C   Phasing Out Sales of & Collecting Mercury-added Thermostats
*SESSION 3   Setting Mercury Priorities: What Do We Know About Sources of Mercury & Releases to the Environment?
SESSION 4A   Mercury Cleanout of Schools
*SESSION 4B   Status of State & Local Mercury Reduction Laws
SESSION 4C   Reducing Mercury in Switches, Relays, & Measuring Devices
SESSION 5   What Have We Learned from the Mercury-added Products Data?
*SESSION 6A   Reaching Small Businesses & Communities to Reduce Mercury Waste
SESSION 6B   Addressing the Mercury Stockpile Challenge
*SESSION 6C   Reducing & Collecting Mercury Auto Switches & Other Components of Cars
SESSION 7A   Emerging Products Issues: Neon Lamps, LCDs & Flat Panel Monitors, & Button Cell Batteries
SESSION 7B   Successes & Challenges with Mercury Product Labeling Laws
*SESSION 7C   Mercury Decontamination in Laboratories & Reducing Mercury in Vaccines
*SESSION 8A   Mercury Reduction in Health Care: Hospitals & Beyond
*SESSION 8B   Measuring the Impacts of Mercury Reduction in Products & Waste Programs
SESSION 8C   Mercury-added Lamps   |   The World of Mercury Containing Lamps
SESSION 9   Facilitated Brainstorming Session & Conference Wrap Up: Priorities & Actions for the Next Five Years
Demonstrations and Discussions   Roundtable Discussion on the Process of Drafting & Passing Effective Mercury Reduction Legislation
Demonstrations and Discussions   Demonstration & Discussion on Lamp Collection & Recycling Programs
Demonstrations and Discussions   Roundtable Discussion on Mercury Spill Guidance & Addressing Consumer/Homeowner Questions & Concerns about Mercury in Products in Households & How to Manage them Properly
Demonstrations and Discussions   Roundtable Discussion on Effective Auto Switch Removal, Collection, & Recycling Programs
Demonstrations and Discussions   Demonstration of the EPA Region 5 Tool for Assessing the Potential Impacts of Various Mercury-added Products & Wastes

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