Region 1 & 2 P2 Results Measurement Project

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Welcome to the Region 1 & 2 P2 Results Measurement page!

This measurement model is designed to collect readily available data on waste reduction and resource efficiency efforts ("pollution prevention," or P2) from public agencies in The data will help quantify P2 progress related to air, water, waste, and energy resources. This model is also designed to translate P2 progress into the context of bigger-picture issues such as climate change, habitat, and sustainability.

For more information on how, why, and by whom this model was developed, see "About This Project."

This model grows ever more useful and persuasive as additional data is added to the database. We encourage participating programs to collect and enter even more P2 results data, and we encourage other programs to become registered users and enjoy the benefits of aggregating P2 results data within their programs and across Region 1 & 2.

Information for the general visitor:

This measurement model contains two major sections: input pages and report pages. The blank input pages are accessible only to registered users, however, anyone visiting the website can view the range of information that is being collected by viewing the report pages.

Any website visitor can view report pages showing P2 results data collected to date and aggregated from many P2 programs within These data are not program- or state-specific, but rather are aggregated from data input by each of the participating P2 programs.

Information for the participating programs:

P2 results data can only be input by registered users from each participating P2 program. To inquire about registering a User ID name and password, contact

Each P2 program's input data screens, and reports generated using that data, are accessible only to the registered user(s) from that particular program. Registered users are not able to view reports for any program other than their own.

"Question mark" icons ()positioned throughout this model link to useful definitions and examples helping the user understand the model's input and reporting features. After entering input data, the user is given a chance to review, approve, and (if desired) print the data before submitting it to the measurement model's database.

P2 results reports generated in this model summarize quantities of materials or waste reduced, and places those reductions and resource efficiencies in a big-picture environmental context. For report queries more specific than those built into this model, individual users will be provided upon request with a downloaded copy of all data input to date, so they can create more specific reports of their own choosing.