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Pollution Prevention & Sustainability Events Regional Roundtables and Summits Greening the Gov't Compendium

Greening the Government Conference

June 4-6, 2003

Compendium of Speaker Presentations Help

Plenary PanelBuilding Green
Chris Long The Greening Curve: EPA's New Research Triangle Park Campus pdf
Theresa Pohlman Pentagon Renovation Program pdf
Jim Toothaker Building Green in Pennsylvania
Concurrent PanelHealthy Indoor Environments
David Bearg Healthy Indoor Environments pdf
Bill Walsh Specifying Green, Healthy & Cost Effective Building Materials pdf
Albert Greene Practical Implementation of IPM In Public Buildings pdf
Concurrent PanelEnergy Conservation
Cindy Jacobs EPA's Energy Star Program pdf
Paul King U.S. Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Overview pdf
Bucky Green Energy Conservation at EPA pdf
Concurrent PanelGreen Building Tools and Resources
Nadav Malin LEEDing with Information: LEEDTM and BuildingGreen's Information Tools pdf
Anne Crawley High Performance Buildings Case Study Database pdf
Alison Kinn Bennett Model Green Construction Specifications pdf
Concurrent PanelWater Conservation
Stephanie Tanner Water Efficiency for Federal Buildings pdf
Tom Cahill Sustainable Site Design & Water Resources Management pdf
Concurrent PanelBeneficial Landscaping
Dan Welker Sustainable Landscaping pdf
Steven N. Handell Examples of Beneficial Landscaping Concepts in Use pdf
Concurrent PanelImplementing Pollution Prevention Through EMSs
Dave Kling Implementing P2 Through EMS pdf
Karen Chu Integrated Environmental Management Systems: A Design for the Environment Approach pdf
Ajay Singh Integrating Pollution Prevention Through Environmental Management Systems pdf
Jeff Burke EPA's National Environmental Performance Track pdf
Plenary PanelBuying Green
Scot Case Sustainable Purchasing Strategies: Successful Smart Green Purchasing pdf
Jesse Eaves Environmentally Preferable Purchasing pdf
Catherine Brownlee Purchasing Environmentally Preferable Electricity pdf
Concurrent PanelGreen Cleaning
Alicia Culver Cleaning for Health:.Products and Practices for a .Safer Indoor Environment pdf
Mark Petruzzi Green Seal & Institutional Cleaners - a brief guided tour pdf
Steve Ashkin It’s Getting Easier To Be Green pdf
Concurrent PanelGreen Meetings
Russell Clark The “Greening” of Government Meetings and Travel pdf
Jennifer Thatcher
Arthur Weissman Greening the Meeting (and Sleeping) Place pdf
Concurrent PanelAlternative Fuels/Alternative Vehicles
Patricia Passarella EPACT Overview and National Clean Cities Program pdf
Eric Cheung Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program: Partnering with Local Public Entities pdf
Peter Alyanakian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells pdf
Naomi Friedman Green Mobility: Government Procurement as Market Driver pdf
Concurrent PanelElectronics
Christopher Kent Federal Government Leading by Example pdf
Elaine Davis The Federal Electronics Challenge
Marie Steinwachs Purchasing Environmentally Preferable Computers pdf
Rick Schulman Best Practices for E-cycling pdf
Concurrent PanelGreen E-Procurement
Holly Elwood Drivers to Buy Green On-line and EPA's Green On-line Ordering Service pdf
Jimmy Romero Sandia National Laboratory On-line Green Ordering System pdf
Concurrent PanelGreening your Cafeteria
Chris Long Eat Your Greens: EPA’s Lakeside Café, Research Triangle Park, NC pdf
Josh Viertel
Ken Naser Composting Food Waste and Food Service Products pdf
Plenary PanelSetting up the Green Infrastructure
Chris Long
Eric Friedman From Policies to Programs to Practices: Establishing the Green Infrastructure pdf
Friday, June 6th
Summary of Next Steps from Concurrent Panels pdf
Al Hurt Working Collaboratively to Promote Sustainability--An Overview of the Federal Network for Sustainability pdf
Participant Feedback--Next Steps

Click on Speaker Summary to view or print a PDF version of the presentation



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