What is EMFACT?

Ernest heard about EMFACT from a colleague, so he asked him for the web site address. Here, he discovered that EMFACT is a software tool designed to track materials and energy use, releases, discharges, wastes, products, and associated costs. EMFACT is like a “shell” or a “template”. It comes with the ability to perform advanced calculations and generate reports, but it must be customized first. It sounds perfect for what Ernest needs.

The benefits of using EMFACT are:

  • Easy navigation and data management
  • Ability to connect material inputs and all outputs, including products, wastes, and other environmental releases to estimate mass balances and flows
  • Effective tracking of all material inputs, including chemicals, commodities, and fuels, and their associated costs
  • Effective tracking of product outputs and all non-product outputs, including wastes, wastewater discharges, and air emissions
  • Automated reminders and notices about upcoming reporting and other deadlines
  • Automated reports on materials usage efficiency and environmental releases
  • Easy transfer of data to spreadsheets and databases for analysis and reports generation