In today's economic climate, using resources as efficiently as possible is essential to profitable and sustainable business operations. Wouldn't it be useful to quickly determine how much of the chemicals, fuels, or other resources your company uses is necessary to produce your product, and how much is wasted or released to the environment? Now there is a software tool to help firms answer these questions.

Imagine that you are Ernest H. Somebody, an EHS Professional at ACME Desk, Inc. - a mid-sized company that manufactures metal desks.

ACME Desk has just received a visit from a government inspector, who has told them that they are not in compliance with federal and state air rules that require tracking of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Even though they think they emit less than the 1,000 pounds emissions threshold, they do not enjoy a de minimis exemption because they cannot show that they are under that threshold. Ernest's boss tells him, I don't care how you do it, just get it done start tracking VOCs, so we can have a month-to-month tally. Ernest needs help from EMFACT. Let's see how EMFACT can help ACME become compliant and more efficient.