Ernest receives a new MSDS for a paint he is using in his spray booth. To make the changes in EMFACT, he must find the material that he entered during the Define step. The following steps describe how Ernest located the paint record.

  1. Ernest opens the Material List window (by clicking the Materials button in the toolbar or selecting Define > Materials > Material List from the main menu). Note: When opening List windows, all data for the facility is automatically retrieved.
  2. He completes the Material Name field in the Filter Data section located at the top of the window. If he wants to narrow his search results, he could complete more fields.
  3. He clicks the Refresh Data button.
  4. Finally, Ernest finds the item, clicks on it, and then clicks the More Detail button to open the Material Detail window.

There is one reference document that has information on searching, as well as many other EMFACT features. Click the link below to open and print a copy of the Fundamentals of EMFACT procedure guide.

Reference Guide - Fundamentals of EMFACT Procedure Guide