Link Materials & Air

Ernest is now ready use the Link step to associate the paint to the equipment, indicate that the type of emissions source is a spray booth, and indicate that the paint is used by the gallon.

Here's how EMFACT computes air emissions:

(Usage Quantity x Pollutant%) x (100 - Control Efficiency%) = Air Emissions
Pollutant% = Pollutant Content/Density

Ernest enters 0% for VOC Control Efficiency because there are no controls. Everything that is used is emitted.

When listing Air Factors, Ernest enters VOC for pollutants. He enters 2.79 for the pollutant content, which he obtained by using the formula: Density x VOC% (6.18 x 45.14% = 2.79).

Click on the Show Me link to see Ernest link his spray booth to materials and air.

Show Me - Linking Equipment to Materials (paint)