Define Materials & Equipment

Ernest is ready to enter the paint material into EMFACT. EMFACT requires a unique Material ID, and Ernest decides to keep it simple and use FAC_Paint1. He enters 6.18 for the density* and 45.14 for VOC percent, which he got from the MSDS. He enables the Advanced User Fields to enter the VOC percent.

Ernest has the option of either setting up the paint spray booth as a piece of equipment or creating a production unit for the entire desk top production line. He decides to set it up as a piece of equipment. Later, he can create a production unit if he decides to evaluate the other operations (e.g., cleaning the metal) in the production unit.

EMFACT also requires a unique Equipment ID and Name. Ernest decides to use PB_1 (for Paint Booth 1). He uses Desktop Paint Booth for the Name, and selects Paint Spray Booth for the Category.

Click on the Show Me link to see Ernest define the paint.
Show Me - Defining Materials

Click on the Show Me link to see Ernest define the spray booth.
Show Me - Defining Equipment


* Density is necessary for EMFACT to convert usage to pounds.