Spray Booth Example

At this point, Ernest realizes he can use EMFACT to track many of the chemicals that are used with various production units and equipment at ACME Desk, Inc. But he is under pressure to track VOCs (Ernest's task), and decides to start with the materials that contain VOCs.  So he thinks to himself…I know there are VOCs emitted by the paint booth...that means I need to figure out how much paint we use...which will tell me how much VOCs we emit every time we use a can.   

Ernest knows that ACME has two spray booths; one for coating desk tops and the other for coating the desk drawers. He decides to start tracking VOCs at the desk top step because it has more surface area, which he figures might emit more VOCs.

This Spray Booth Example walks you through the Define, Link, Input, Output, and Reports steps for helping Ernest track VOCs from the desk top paint spray booth. While there is much more that EMFACT can do (i.e., tracking water, waste, and costs), this training module is designed to start with a simple example and demonstrate one chemical pathway from beginning to end. The Summary page at the end of this training module discusses additional ways that EMFACT could help Ernest do his job more effectively in other areas of the plant.

As you go through this example, each step includes a “Show Me” animation link. Click on it to see how Ernest performs the step in EMFACT.