Key Features of EMFACT

Ernest is ready to download and install EMFACT, but before he does, he reviews the two-page installation instructions. EMFACT uses an Installation Wizard, which he has used before. Ernest is cautious, however, so he contacts a computer professional at ACME Desk and asks:

  • Can I install software on my computer? If not, can you help me with the installation?
  • Do I have about 100 MB of free space on my hard drive to install a new program?

Ernest learns that there is a company policy for installing software on employee computers, so the IT staff person installs the software for him. Now Ernest is ready to start.

Ernest finds and downloads the EMFACT documentation, but he is really more of a hands-on learner. Below is what Ernest needs to get started.

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Toolbars & Menus

Cue Cards

Types of Users

Types of Windows