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P2 & Compliance Assistance Metrics Tool

Organization(s) Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
Project Description The Northeast Assistance and P2 Roundtable has been facilitating a regional project to develop and implement a set of metrics for state compliance assistance (CA) and pollution prevention (P2) programs to use in tracking their activities and their associated outcomes.

In the summer of 2001 the Association released a beta version of the software for state and federal review and released a final version in early 2002. The software was developed in Microsoft Access. NEWMOA has been coordinating with the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable to share this system and others that are under development with state and local programs outside of the Northeast. NEWMOA staff have done a preliminary demonstration of the system during a web-based conference call with many states, and have also presented the final version of the software at the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable meeting in April 2002. The software application has the capacity to manage information about program activities in each of four areas: project for a client; production of educational material; workshop/conference; and response to information request. The system also enables users to record outcome information collected about the changes that occur at program clients. These changes can be behavioral, regulatory, or pollutant/use and cost reductions. Programs can gather outcome information through in-person, phone, email, or hard copy surveys. The software application also includes a number of output reports that can aggregate data. These general reports are interactive and enable users to choose to narrow the data set from which the report is generated by specifying a date range, a funding source, and/or an industry/business code. NEWMOA has developed a data dictionary and a Users Manual to support implementation and use of the software application. NEWMOA also maintains a national listserv -- P2-CA Measures -- to provide a national forum to discuss P2 and CA program measurement, including issues regarding the "Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance Metrics Software." Listserv membership is limited to those working for government-affiliated programs. All recipients of the software application are automatically added to the listserv so they can be easily kept up-to-date with any changes made to the software. As available funding diminishes, many environmental programs are being asked to show the effect of their activities on the environment in order to justify the funds that they receive. Under grants from EPA, NEWMOA has been working with its member P2 programs to develop a system to track program activities and their associated outcomes. The resulting Access-based software was distributed to interested P2 programs in the spring of 2002. The database can be used to track program activities and their associated behavioral and/or environmental outcomes in three main areas: client projects, including on-site visits and grants; workshops and conferences; and production of educational materials. Activities related to information requests are also tracked. Over the summer and fall of 2002, NEWMOA staff traveled to many of the states to provide in-depth training on using the database and to obtain feedback on the system. In April 2003, NEWMOA released Version 2.0 of the P2 and Compliance Assistance Metrics Software. Version 2.0 incorporates the improvements suggested by the states during hands-on training held in the summer of 2002. NEWMOA has also completed a comprehensive Users Manual to accompany the database. NEWMOA is now developing output reports to summarize the aggregated data for each main area of the database. NEWMOA conducted training on the database at the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Spring Conference in April 2003. Version 2.5, was issued in April 2004. The software application is designed to stand alone so that each state or local CA or P2 program can control its own data. Since the participating programs are using the same software, data could be gathered and aggregated across programs in the future. NEWMOA plans to release Version 3.0 of the Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance Metrics software tool by the end of 2007. The free tool is available upon request by local, state, tribal, university, and other governmental officials. NEWMOA has made substantial improvements and upgrades at the request of the users of the tool. This software application contains six major sections for tracking program activities: • client projects (such as on-site visits and research) • initiatives (covering a combination of activities) • grant awards • educational and outreach materials • workshop/training events • responses to information requests The database application tracks the outcomes associated with many of these program activities, including environmental, behavioral, and economic outcomes. Because each pollution prevention and compliance assistance program is somewhat different in the scope of its activities and its structure, the software can be customized so the programs can use only those components and the level of detail that suit their needs. NEWMOA provides support and training for program staff on the use of the database.

More Info www.newmoa.org/prevention/metrics/
Project Contact
Name Jennifer Griffith
Phone 617-367-8558 ext. 303
Project Keywords
Activity Keywords New publication, Website updates
Newsletter Northeast Assistance & Pollution Prevention News - Vol. 17 No. 2, Fall 2007 [PDF]


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