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EnvirotechNews Informs on New Tech Innovations

Organization(s) Environmental Protection Agency - Region 1
Project Description The Center for Environmental Industry and Technology (CEIT) is a program within the EPA-New England (NE) Office of Environmental Stewardship. The Center was established in 1995 to provide assistance to environmental technology developers in overcoming the challenges they face in bringing a product to market. EPA has long recognized the fact that technology innovation is indispensable to achieving national and international environmental goals. The mission of the Center is to provide access to resources, people, and programs for the environmental technology industry in New England and to promote the acceptance of innovative environmental technologies in order to solve the most significant environmental problems facing the region.

In the fall of 2000, CEIT launched a new program, called Technology Connection, that matches anyone seeking new environmental technologies with over 900 providers of innovative environmental technologies, P2 techniques, and environmental management systems. The mechanism for making the connection is EnvirotechNews, CEIT's monthly electronic newsletter for environmental technology developers. EnvirotechNews offers information in the following areas: government funding opportunities, technology opportunities, future needs, environmental technology verification (ETV) opportunities, and upcoming events.

CEIT, with the assistance of the Enforcement Office, summarizes current enforcement actions and releases them as announcements under "Technology Opportunities." The announcements focus on the nature of the violation for which technology is necessary and suggested areas for a SEP, but they provide no details on the identity of the regulated entity. EnvirotechNews has a mailing list of over 750 environmental technology innovators throughout the U.S., who are at the cutting edge of technology development. The environmental technology developers respond to CEIT within one week via email using a suggested format. CEIT then sends a letter with the appropriate disclaimer and the responses to the corporation or other entity. The decision to follow up on the responses is then up to the potential user; CEIT merely facilitates the technology connection. As an example, EnvirotechNews recently announced a state's interest in seeking technologies for improving operation and maintenance of silver recovery units for photo- processors. As a result of that announcement, a Fortune 500 company is now working with two partners on an equipment/software package that shows high potential as a cost effective solution for photo-processors nationwide.

The connection to environmental technology developers is not limited to entities under enforcement actions. EPA New England employees also have the opportunity to communicate their technology needs through announcements in the "Future Needs" section. The monthly issue of EnvirotechNews highlights problems for which EPA would like to find a solution.

To participate, submit an announcement on the web (http://www.epa.gov/NE/steward/ceit/techconn_form.html) or contact Maggie Theroux. CEIT will places a short announcement in Envirotech News. Interested companies respond to CEIT within seven days by email, and the compiled results are forwarded to the interested client.

More Info www.epa.gov/NE/assistance/ceit/techconnection.html
Project Contact
Name Maggie Theroux
Phone 617-918-1613
Project Keywords
Activity Keywords Research and development, Website updates
Newsletter Northeast States Pollution Prevention News - Vol. 11 No. 2, Summer 2001


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